Valve Core Extraction Tool for Tyre

99 EGP

  • Can use for all the cars and big trucks
  • Hand tools Type: Turning Tools
  • Valve Core Extraction



  1. Purpose: The primary function of a valve core extraction tool is to remove the valve core from the valve stem of a tire. The valve core is a small, threaded mechanism inside the valve stem that controls the airflow in and out of the tire.
  2. Design: These tools are typically compact and feature a handle for gripping and twisting. They have a threaded end or a forked end that engages with the valve core to unscrew it from the valve stem.
  3. Usage: To use the tool, you insert the threaded or forked end into the valve stem where the valve core is located. By turning the tool counterclockwise, you unscrew and remove the valve core from the stem. This action allows for deflating the tire rapidly or for replacing the valve core if it’s damaged or leaking.
  4. Materials: Valve core extraction tools are commonly made from durable metals such as steel or aluminum to withstand the torque required to remove and install valve cores repeatedly.
  5. Versatility: These tools are essential for mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, and anyone who needs to service tires regularly. They are compatible with various types of valve stems commonly found on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other pneumatic tires.

In summary, a valve core extraction tool is a straightforward yet essential tool for maintaining and repairing tires by facilitating the removal and replacement of valve cores. It ensures proper inflation control and is crucial for maintaining tire pressure and safety.

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