turquoise rosary, consisting of 33 beads with a religious pendant.

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About this item

  • turquoise rosary, consisting of 33 beads with a religious pendant.
  • Material: Pearl



Turquoise Beads: The rosary features beads made of turquoise, a vibrant blue-green gemstone known for its striking color and natural beauty. Turquoise has long been valued for its spiritual significance and is often associated with protection, healing, and wisdom.

33 Beads: The rosary is comprised of 33 beads arranged in a specific pattern, typically divided into five decades, each representing a set of prayers called the “Hail Mary” and the “Our Father.” The number 33 holds religious significance, representing the years of Jesus Christ’s earthly life according to Christian tradition.

Religious Pendant: At the end of the rosary, there is a religious pendant, also known as a crucifix or cross, which serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation. The pendant often depicts Jesus on the cross and serves as a reminder of His sacrifice and love for humanity.

Prayer Aid: The turquoise rosary is used as a tool for prayer and meditation, with each bead representing a specific prayer or meditation. As believers recite prayers and move their fingers along the beads, they engage in a spiritual practice that helps deepen their connection to God and the divine.

Symbolism and Meaning: The turquoise rosary carries deep symbolism and meaning for those who use it in their spiritual practice. The turquoise beads symbolize faith, healing, and spiritual growth, while the religious pendant serves as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s teachings and the believer’s commitment to their faith.

Overall, a turquoise rosary consisting of 33 beads with a religious pendant is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a powerful tool for prayer, meditation, and spiritual contemplation within the Christian tradition.

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