TOPRING 63.170C Dual Foot Tilt-Lock Air Chuck for Tires with Standard Bore Valves, 13 inch Extended Reach, Closed Flow, 1/4(F) NPT Inlet

159 EGP





The TOPRING 63.170C Dual Foot Tilt-Lock Air Chuck is a specialized tool designed for tires equipped with standard bore valves. With a 13-inch extended reach, this air chuck provides convenient access to valves that are not easily reached by standard chucks. The dual foot tilt-lock feature ensures a secure and airtight connection, making it easy to inflate and maintain tire pressure. Key features: Dual Foot Tilt-Lock Design: The air chuck is equipped with a dual foot tilt-lock mechanism, providing a secure and stable connection to the tire valve. Extended Reach: With a 13-inch extended reach, this air chuck is suitable for reaching valves that are situated in deeper or less accessible areas of the tire. Closed Flow: The closed flow design allows for controlled and precise inflation, preventing air from escaping during the process. 1/4(F) NPT Inlet: The air chuck features a 1/4-inch female NPT inlet, ensuring compatibility with standard air hoses and systems. This TOPRING air chuck is a reliable and efficient tool for tire maintenance, offering ease of use and durability for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

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