Tire Tube Puncture Repair Round Patch C7 (10 Pieces)

399 EGP

  • Made with premium quality material
  • Manufacturer: rema
  • Item Category: auto part
  • Comes 10pcs




  1. Tire Tube Puncture Repair Patches: These patches are small, circular pieces of rubber or other durable material designed to cover and seal punctures in tire tubes. They work by adhering to the inner surface of the tube, creating a barrier that prevents air from escaping and effectively sealing the puncture.
  2. C7 Designation: The “C7” designation likely refers to the specific type or model of patch within the manufacturer’s product line. Different patch designs may vary in size, thickness, and adhesive properties to accommodate different types of punctures and tire tube materials.
  3. Pack of 10: This pack contains 10 individual repair patches, providing you with an ample supply for multiple tire repair tasks. Having multiple patches on hand allows you to quickly address punctures as they occur and minimize downtime caused by flat tires.

Overall, the Tire Tube Puncture Repair Round Patch C7 (10 Pieces) is a convenient and cost-effective solution for repairing punctures in tire tubes, helping to extend the lifespan of your tires and keep you safely on the road.

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