Tire Supply V3-20-4 Metric Valve stem

99 EGP

  • The V3-20-4 metric valve stem is an excellent choice for imported trucks with metric rim holes such as Isuzu, Volvo, Mack, White, Iveco, and certain Chevrolet and GMC imported vehicles.
  • 23 degree bend.
  • 2.38″ length
  • 1.19″ height





It seems like you’re asking about a tire supply item, specifically the “V3-20-4 Metric Valve stem.” Typically, a valve stem in the context of tires refers to the component that protrudes from the wheel to allow inflation and deflation of the tire. Here’s a description of what the “V3-20-4 Metric Valve stem” might refer to:

  1. Valve Type (V3-20-4):
    • V3: This likely indicates the type or model of the valve stem. Different valves have different designs and mechanisms for sealing and inflating tires.
    • 20: This could refer to the diameter of the hole in the wheel where the valve stem fits, often in millimeters.
    • 4: This might denote a specific sub-type or variant of the valve stem, possibly related to its length or design.
  2. Metric Valve Stem:
    • This indicates that the valve stem is designed according to metric specifications, which is common in many regions outside of the United States where metric units are standard.
  3. Description (Dascrib):
    • This seems like a misspelling of “description.” A typical description would include details about the materials used, specific dimensions, and possibly compatibility with certain types of tires or wheels.

If you need more specific information or details about this valve stem, it would be helpful to consult with a supplier or manufacturer who can provide exact specifications and compatibility information for your needs.

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