Thermal Paper Stickers for Barcode Printer -suitable for FLEX – 10 X 15cm – 500 Label

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  1. Thermal Paper Stickers: These stickers are specifically designed for use with barcode printers that utilize thermal printing technology. The thermal paper reacts to the heat from the printer’s thermal print head, resulting in the creation of text, graphics, or barcodes without the need for ink or toner.
  2. Suitable for FLEX: These stickers are compatible with FLEX barcode printers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance when printing labels. They are engineered to meet the specifications and requirements of FLEX printers for reliable and high-quality printing results.
  3. Size: Each label measures 10 x 15cm, providing ample space for printing detailed information, barcodes, product labels, or shipping labels. The generous size allows for clear and legible prints, making them suitable for various applications.
  4. Quantity: The pack contains 500 labels, ensuring an adequate supply for your printing needs. Whether you’re printing labels for inventory management, shipping, retail, or other purposes, having a large quantity of labels on hand helps streamline your operations and reduces the need for frequent restocking.
  5. High-Quality Printing: These thermal paper stickers deliver crisp, clear prints with excellent barcode readability. They are engineered to produce durable and long-lasting labels that resist fading, smudging, and abrasion, ensuring reliable scanning and tracking of items.

Overall, Thermal Paper Stickers for Barcode Printers, suitable for FLEX, offer a convenient and efficient solution for printing high-quality labels with FLEX barcode printers. With their compatibility, size, and quantity, they are suitable for businesses, warehouses, retail stores, and other organizations that require reliable labeling solutions.

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