The turquoise stone pendulum used in magnetic hypnosis

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  • Material: Necklace and Bracelet Made of White Stones
  • Material: Necklace and Bracelet Made of White Stones




Introducing our unique Turquoise Stone Pendulum, specially crafted for use in magnetic hypnosis sessions to facilitate deep relaxation and inner exploration. Made from genuine turquoise stone, this pendulum combines the natural beauty of turquoise with the power of magnetic energy for a truly transformative experience.

Turquoise is known for its soothing and calming properties, making it an ideal stone for promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Its serene blue-green hues evoke a sense of tranquility, helping to quiet the mind and open the channels of communication with the subconscious.

The pendulum’s magnetic properties further enhance its therapeutic effects by amplifying the flow of energy and enhancing the connection between the practitioner and the client. As the pendulum swings gently back and forth, it creates a rhythmic motion that induces a state of deep relaxation, allowing the client to enter a receptive state where they can access their innermost thoughts and emotions.

During a magnetic hypnosis session, the practitioner uses the pendulum to guide the client through a series of visualizations and affirmations, helping them to tap into their subconscious mind and unlock their full potential. The gentle movements of the pendulum serve as a focal point for concentration, enabling the client to achieve a heightened state of awareness and receptivity.

Whether you’re a seasoned hypnotherapist or exploring the benefits of magnetic hypnosis for the first time, our Turquoise Stone Pendulum is the perfect tool for enhancing your practice. Harness the power of turquoise and magnetic energy to promote relaxation, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

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