Screwdriver Set 8 Pieces

288 EGP

  • Scratch Resistant, Rust and Water Resistant
  • Number of items: 8
  • Included components: Peso 8 Piece Screwdriver Set
  • Head Style: Spanner




8-Piece Peso Screwdriver Set This set contains 8 pieces of screws and wishes designed for a variety of applications. Here is some information about this kit: versatility: this kit contains a variety of sizes, screw types, and wishes, making it suitable for a variety of projects and repairs. Quality: all screws and wishes are made of high quality materials to ensure durability and good performance. These tools will be sturdy and durable. Ease of use: these screws and wishes can be easily used with a variety of tools, making them suitable for professionals and hobbyists alike. ORGANIZATION:This kind of set comes in a tidy and organized storage box, which is easy to store and find when needed. This set of screws and wishes is a valuable addition to your tool collection, whether you are in the workshop or doing repair work at home. It will enable you to face a variety of projects and challenges easily.

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