Rosary with yellowish green 33 beads with golden intervals

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About this item

  • Good quality product
  • Good for praying Zikr, Namaz ceremony for Muslim.
  • use for car rear mirror hanging decorative ornament




  1. Beads: The rosary features 33 beads made of yellowish-green material. These beads may be made of various materials such as glass, wood, or semi-precious stones like jade or agate. The yellowish-green color adds a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing touch to the rosary.
  2. Golden Intervals: The beads are separated by intervals made of golden material. These golden intervals may be metallic spacer beads or segments of chain, adding contrast and embellishment to the design of the rosary.
  3. Counting Beads: In addition to the main beads, there may be additional marker beads or counter beads at regular intervals, such as every 11 beads, to facilitate counting during recitation.
  4. Usage: The rosary is used by Muslims for dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and meditation. It serves as a tool for counting the repetition of specific prayers or phrases, such as the 99 names of Allah or other devotional phrases.
  5. Material: While the main beads are yellowish-green, the golden intervals may be made of metal or metallic-coated materials like brass or gold-plated metal.

Overall, a rosary with yellowish-green beads and golden intervals is a beautiful and meaningful accessory for spiritual practice and devotion. It combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, serving as a symbol of faith and a tool for prayer and reflection.

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