Rosary of 33 red beads with a religious silver pendant

129 EGP


About this item

  • Good quality product
  • Good for praying Zikr, Namaz ceremony for Muslim
  • May use for car rear mirror hanging decorative ornament, too.





Red Beads: The rosary features 33 beads made of red material, symbolizing various aspects of spirituality and devotion. Red is often associated with passion, love, and sacrifice, making it a fitting choice for religious jewelry.

Number of Beads: The rosary contains 33 beads, which are typically divided into five decades, with additional beads for the introductory prayers. The number 33 holds religious significance in Christianity, representing the years of Jesus Christ’s earthly life according to tradition.

Religious Pendant: At the end of the rosary, there is a religious pendant, often made of silver, which serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation. The pendant may depict Jesus, Mary, or a patron saint, depending on personal or religious preference.

Symbolism and Meaning: Each element of the rosary carries deep symbolism and meaning for those who use it in their spiritual practice. The red beads may symbolize the blood of Christ or the fire of the Holy Spirit, while the silver pendant represents the divine and spiritual aspects of faith.

Prayer Aid: The rosary is used as a tool for prayer and meditation, with each bead representing a specific prayer or meditation. As believers recite prayers and move their fingers along the beads, they engage in a spiritual practice that helps deepen their connection to God and the divine.

Overall, a Rosary of 33 red beads with a religious silver pendant is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a powerful tool for prayer, meditation, and spiritual contemplation within the Christian tradition.

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