Rosary made of 33 beads green*yellow with a silver pendant

129 EGP


About this item

  • Good quality product
  • Good for praying Zikr, Namaz ceremony for Muslim.
  • use for car rear mirror hanging decorative ornament




This rosary features 33 beads, traditionally used for counting prayers such as the Hail Mary or the Lord’s Prayer. The beads are alternately colored in green and yellow, creating a visually appealing design. Each bead is smoothly polished for comfortable handling during prayer.

The rosary is adorned with a silver pendant, typically featuring religious symbols such as a cross or a depiction of the Virgin Mary. The silver pendant adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to the rosary, serving as a focal point for meditation and reflection during prayer.

Overall, this rosary combines both aesthetic beauty and spiritual significance, making it a meaningful tool for Catholics to deepen their prayer experience and connect with their faith. It can be used for personal devotion, gifted on special occasions, or carried as a symbol of one’s religious beliefs.

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