Rosary 33 Onyx Beads Elastic Wire Size 6 Chinese Gold Pendant 6, Gemstones

95 EGP


About this item

  • Handmed 33 Love Onex Stretch 6 Size Chinese Gold Pendant
  • Material: glass Gemstone
  • Metal type: gold



This rosary features 33 beads made of onyx, strung together on elastic wire for flexibility and ease of wearing. It includes a Chinese gold pendant, likely with intricate design details, and incorporates gemstones, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance.


  • Beads: Made of onyx, a black gemstone known for its strength and grounding properties.
  • Wire: Elastic wire ensures that the rosary can stretch to fit comfortably around the wrist or neck.
  • Pendant: A Chinese gold pendant, possibly featuring cultural or ornate designs, serving as a focal point of the rosary.
  • Gemstones: Additional gemstones may be incorporated, adding color and energy to the rosary.

Purpose and Symbolism:

  • Rosary: Used for prayer and meditation in various religious traditions, with each bead representing a specific prayer or meditation.
  • Onyx: Symbolizes protection, grounding, and strength, often used for spiritual and healing purposes.
  • Chinese Gold Pendant: Represents cultural heritage and may feature symbols or designs significant to Chinese culture.
  • Gemstones: Each gemstone used may carry its own metaphysical properties and symbolism, enhancing the spiritual or aesthetic value of the rosary.

Usage: Ideal for personal meditation, prayer practices, or as a meaningful gift symbolizing faith, spirituality, and cultural heritage.

This rosary combines the beauty of onyx beads, a Chinese gold pendant, and gemstones to create a unique and spiritually significant accessory suitable for personal devotion and reflection.

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