Rosary 33 Handmed Garnet Size 6: 8 Barrel Dividers & Pendants

75 EGP


About this item

  • Scratch, Water and Rust Resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Unparalleled performance
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Handmade Craftsmanship: Each rosary is individually crafted by hand, ensuring attention to detail and uniqueness in every piece. Handmade rosaries often exhibit a level of craftsmanship and personal touch that adds to their beauty and significance.

Garnet Beads: The rosary features 33 beads made of garnet, a deep red gemstone known for its rich color and symbolism. Garnet is often associated with love, passion, and devotion, making it a fitting choice for religious jewelry like rosaries.

Size 6: The “size 6” designation likely refers to the size of the beads, with size 6 being a standard measurement for bead diameter. This size provides a balance between visual impact and wearability, making the rosary suitable for everyday use or special occasions.

Barrel Dividers: The rosary includes barrel-shaped dividers placed at intervals along the strand of beads. These dividers serve both a practical and decorative purpose, helping to separate the beads and adding visual interest to the design.

Pendants: The rosary is adorned with one or more pendants, which typically hang from the center or end of the necklace. These pendants may feature religious symbols such as crosses, crucifixes, or medallions depicting saints or other figures of devotion.

Symbolism and Meaning: Each element of the rosary carries deep symbolism and meaning for those who use it in their spiritual practice. The garnet beads symbolize devotion and spiritual purity, while the pendants serve as focal points for prayer and meditation.

Prayer Aid: The rosary is used as a tool for prayer and meditation, with each bead representing a specific prayer or meditation. As believers recite prayers and move their fingers along the beads, they engage in a spiritual practice that helps deepen their connection to God and the divine.

Overall, a handmade garnet rosary with 33 beads, barrel dividers, and pendants is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a powerful tool for prayer, meditation, and spiritual contemplation within the Christian tradition.

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