Rema Tip Top 10 4 Round Patch – Flat Tire Tube Puncture Repair Kit Refill

790 EGP





  1. Patch Size: The Rema Tip Top 10 4 Round Patch likely refers to a specific size or type of patch used for repairing punctures in inner tubes of tires. The “10 4” designation may indicate the size or dimensions of the patch.
  2. Round Patch: The patch is round in shape, making it suitable for repairing punctures of various sizes on the inner tube of a tire. Round patches are commonly used for their versatility and effectiveness in sealing punctures.
  3. Flat Tire Tube Puncture Repair Kit Refill: This product is designed to be a refill or replacement component for a flat tire tube puncture repair kit. It may include multiple round patches along with other essential tools and materials needed for repairing punctures in bicycle, motorcycle, or other types of tires.
  4. Quality Brand: Rema Tip Top is a well-known brand in the tire repair industry, renowned for its high-quality products and reliable performance. Customers can expect durability and effectiveness from Rema Tip Top tire repair patches.
  5. Ease of Use: The round patches are typically easy to use, requiring minimal tools and expertise to apply. They are self-adhesive, allowing for quick and efficient puncture repairs, so you can get back on the road or trail in no time.

Overall, the Rema Tip Top 10 4 Round Patch is a reliable and effective solution for repairing punctures in flat tire tubes, providing peace of mind for cyclists and motorists alike. It’s an essential component of any puncture repair kit, ensuring that you’re prepared for unexpected flat tires while on the go.

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