Mountain Bike Chain & Speeds

225 EGP

  • Not rusty or scratch
  • Strand Type: Single





The term “Mountain Bike Chain & Speeds” likely refers to the chain and gears (speeds) system on a mountain bike. The chain is an essential component that transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel, propelling the bike forward. The speeds, also known as gears, refer to the various gear ratios available on the bike, allowing riders to adjust the resistance and speed based on the terrain and their riding preferences.

Mountain bikes typically feature multiple speeds, commonly ranging from 7 to 12 speeds, although some may have even more. These gears enable riders to tackle steep climbs, rough trails, and varied terrain more efficiently by shifting to lower gears for uphill climbs and higher gears for downhill descents or flat terrain.

Overall, the combination of a durable chain and a range of speeds makes mountain bikes versatile and capable of handling a wide range of riding conditions, from smooth roads to rugged off-road trails.


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