Madian Cold Patch Tube + 36 Welding Pieces (32 Size)

125 EGP

  • Easy to carry
  • Quick repair: The broken area of the bike tire can be quickly repaired with this patch set
  • Included components: Madian Cold Patch Tube + 36 Welding Pieces (32 Size)
  • Manufacturer: amr group
  • Model name: Madian Cold Patch Tube + 36 Welding Pieces (32 Size)



“Madian Cold Patch Tube + 36 Welding Pieces (32 Size)” appears to be a combination or kit that includes:

  1. Madian Cold Patch Tube:
    • Purpose: Used for repairing punctures or damage in tubes, such as bicycle inner tubes or similar inflatable items.
    • Features: Typically includes adhesive patches that are applied to the damaged area after cleaning and preparing the surface.
  2. 36 Welding Pieces (32 Size):
    • Purpose: Refers to a set of welding rods or pieces used in welding applications.
    • Quantity: Includes 36 pieces in the 32 size, likely specifying the diameter or thickness of the welding rods or pieces.

Possible Features and Benefits:

  • Repair Convenience: Provides a complete solution for repairing punctured tubes with the Madian Cold Patch Tube, ensuring a quick and reliable fix.
  • Welding Variety: Offers a selection of welding pieces in various sizes (size 32), catering to different welding needs and applications.


  • Repairs: Suitable for repairing bicycle inner tubes, inflatable toys, or other items prone to punctures.
  • Welding: Used in welding processes for joining metals or materials, depending on the specific size and type of welding pieces included.

This description provides a general overview based on common uses and interpretations of similar products. For specific details or if this refers to a particular brand or model, further clarification or additional context would be needed.

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