150 EGP

  • 5m Lauder Hose
  • Material: Rubber
  • Material: Rubber




Tire Air Leakage Stopper is a device specifically designed to ensure that the correct air pressure is maintained inside the tires of heavy equipment such as loaders. Here is a description of this useful device: specialized design: this rubber band comes with a specialized design that resembles the letter “U”, and is designed to fit around the outer rim of the rim (the round disc of the tire) tightly. This design prevents air loss and effectively maintains internal air pressure. Leakproof: this elastic effectively prevents air leakage from the tire, thus contributing to maintaining proper pressure inside the tire. This enhances the performance of the stomach and extends the life of the tire. Easy to install: it can be easily clipped around the rim without the need for special tools. Allows for quick and easy installation and removal. Versatile: this rubber can be used successfully on most types of heavy equipment tires such as loaders. It can have a positive effect on the performance of the stomach and contribute to improving safety during work. Thanks to this rubber loader, you can rest assured that the air inside your heavy equipment tires will remain at the proper level, helping to avoid leakage issues and keeping your stomach performing at its best.

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