Left and Right Shimano 7 Speed Kit for Mountain and Folding Stages

359 EGP


About this item

  • Rust resistant
  • Material: Aluminum





A Shimano 7-speed kit typically consists of the necessary components to set up a 7-speed drivetrain system on a bicycle. This includes components for both the left and right sides of the bike.

For the left side:

  • Left Shifter: This is the component that allows the rider to shift gears on the front derailleur, controlling the movement of the chain between the chainrings.
  • Front Derailleur: This is the mechanism that guides the chain between the different chainrings on the crankset, allowing for gear changes on the front end of the bike.

For the right side:

  • Right Shifter: This controls the rear derailleur, facilitating gear changes on the cassette, which is attached to the rear wheel.
  • Rear Derailleur: This component moves the chain across the different cogs on the cassette, enabling the rider to shift gears on the rear wheel.

A 7-speed kit is suitable for bicycles with a 7-speed cassette, which consists of 7 cogs on the rear wheel. This gearing setup is common on mountain bikes and folding bikes, providing a range of gears suitable for various terrain and riding conditions.

When purchasing a Shimano 7-speed kit, ensure that it includes all necessary components for both the left and right sides of the bike, including shifters, derailleurs, cables, and housing. It’s also important to verify compatibility with your specific bike frame and drivetrain setup.

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