Large Rear Assistant Pendant Set

75 EGP


About this item

  • Oversized Helper Back Plate Set
  • Material: Aluminum




The term “Large Rear Assistant Pendant Set” is a bit ambiguous without further context. However, it could potentially refer to a set of accessories or equipment designed to assist with activities related to the rear of a vehicle or another large object.

For instance, if it pertains to automotive accessories, it might include items such as:

  1. Rear parking sensors or cameras to aid in parking and maneuvering.
  2. A rear bumper guard or protector to prevent damage when loading or unloading cargo.
  3. Hitch attachments or towing accessories for hauling trailers or other heavy loads.
  4. Cargo management systems for organizing and securing items in the rear of a vehicle.

Without more specific details, it’s challenging to provide a precise description, but it likely involves tools or accessories intended to enhance safety, convenience, or functionality in the rear area of a vehicle or another large object.

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