Lacor Loader Silver Long

399 EGP




The stainless and copper air winder for heavy gauge loader tires is an important device used to adjust the air pressure in heavy equipment tires such as loaders. The following is a description of this wrap: high quality materials: this wrap is manufactured using high quality materials such as stainless and copper. This material is known for its durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in harsh working conditions. Air Pressure Regulation: this winder adjusts and regulates the air pressure inside the loader tires to ensure stable and safe performance while working. LEAK-PROOF:Air wrap design prevents air leakage and pressure loss, contributing to the stability of the tires. HEAVY EQUIPMENT COMPATIBILITY: specially designed for use on heavy equipment tires such as loaders and excavators. Using this stainless and copper air winder, you can easily and accurately adjust the air pressure of the loader tires, improving the performance of the equipment and ensuring the safety of the equipment during work.

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