Kuric Puckum 2 Ton Heavy Peso

799 EGP


About this item

  • Kuric Pakm 2 Ton Heavy Piso
  • Age range description: Adult



  1. Kuric Puckum: These terms don’t immediately correspond to any known product or brand. “Kuric” and “Puckum” could be brand names, model names, or descriptors specific to a certain industry or context.
  2. 2 Ton: This indicates a weight capacity of 2 tons, which is equivalent to 2000 kilograms or approximately 4409 pounds. This suggests that the equipment is designed to lift heavy loads.
  3. Heavy Peso: “Peso” typically refers to a unit of currency used in countries like Mexico, the Philippines, and several countries in South America. However, in this context, “Heavy Peso” might be a descriptor indicating that the equipment is heavy-duty or capable of handling substantial weight.

Overall, “Kuric Puckum 2 Ton Heavy Peso” appears to describe a robust piece of equipment designed for lifting or handling heavy loads, possibly in an industrial or commercial setting. If you have additional context or details about the product, feel free to share, and I can provide a more accurate description.

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