Joywayus Tire Inflator Valve 5/16″ Open Flow Air Chuck with Lock Connector and Stainless Steel Clamp 2 Pack

169 EGP

  • Fits all passenger and truck tire valves
  • Heavy-duty brass construction allows for strength and durability.
  • Suitable for use with garage and industrial air line systems.
  • Open flow with a lock-on clamp make it easy for hands free tire inflation
  • Connects to 5/16″ ID hose found on many tire changers ,and contain stainless steel clamp



Sure, here’s a description of passenger and truck tire valves:

Passenger Tire Valves: Passenger car tire valves are typically Schrader valves, named after their inventor. These valves consist of a threaded cylindrical brass or nickel-plated stem with a core and a rubber sealing cap. They are commonly used in vehicles like cars, SUVs, and light trucks. The valve stem has a spring-loaded pin that, when depressed (usually by a tire pressure gauge or an air pump nozzle), allows air to enter or exit the tire.

Truck Tire Valves: Truck tire valves can vary depending on the size and application of the truck. They are generally designed to withstand higher pressures compared to passenger car valves. Common types include:

  1. Large Bore Valves: Used in commercial trucks, buses, and heavy equipment. These valves are larger and have higher air flow capacity to accommodate larger tires and faster inflation.
  2. Tubeless Truck Valves: Similar to passenger car valves but with a higher load rating and typically made from more durable materials to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications.

In both cases, truck tire valves, like passenger tire valves, play a crucial role in maintaining proper tire inflation and ensuring safe driving conditions.

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