iPhone Magnetic Pen Screwdriver Set with 1″ Extension

375 EGP


About this item

  • Number of items: 57
  • Included components: Handle
  • Number of items: 57
  • Included components: Handle



A magnetic pen screwdriver is a compact and versatile tool designed for small repairs and tasks that require the use of screws. It typically consists of a pen-shaped handle with a magnetic tip at one end and interchangeable screwdriver bits stored inside the handle.

The magnetic tip allows the screwdriver to securely hold screws in place, making it easier to position and fasten them. This feature is particularly useful when working with tiny screws or in awkward positions where it’s challenging to hold the screw in place manually.

The screwdriver bits can vary in size and type, allowing the tool to accommodate different types of screws, such as Phillips, flathead, Torx, or hex screws. The bits are often stored inside the handle, making them easily accessible whenever needed.

Overall, a magnetic pen screwdriver is a handy tool to have for quick fixes, assembly tasks, and other small projects around the home, office, or workshop. Its compact size and magnetic functionality make it convenient to carry in a pocket, toolbox, or bag for on-the-go use.

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