Inner tube size 26

139 EGP


About this item

  • Brand : other
  • Color : black
  • Bike Brake Type : Unavailable
  • Frame Material Type : Rubber
  • Product weight : 75
  • Bicycle Type : Cycling Tires
  • Wheel Size : 26 inches
  • Number of Wheels : Unavailable
  • Number of Speeds : Multi



  • Diameter: The number “26” denotes the diameter of the bicycle tire for which the inner tube is intended. In the context of bicycle tires, 26 inches is a common diameter size, especially for mountain bikes and some hybrid bikes.
  • Compatibility: An inner tube labeled as “size 26” is specifically designed to fit bicycle tires with a diameter of 26 inches. It’s important to match the inner tube size with the corresponding tire size to ensure proper fit and functionality.
  • Application: Inner tubes are essential components of bicycle tires, providing the necessary air pressure to maintain tire shape and support the rider’s weight. When selecting an inner tube, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate size to match the tire diameter and width for optimal performance.

Overall, an inner tube size 26 is suitable for use with bicycle tires that have a diameter of 26 inches, offering a reliable solution for maintaining tire pressure and ensuring a smooth and safe riding experience.

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