Inner Tube for 700x23c Bicycle Wheel – Butyl Rubber Tubes for Road and Gravel Bikes – Tubes with tire levers included

179 EGP


About this item

  • Material: Rubber
  • Bike type: Road Bike
  • Material: Rubber
  • Valve type: Schrader



A bicycle tube is an inflatable rubber inner tube that fits inside the tire of a bicycle. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining proper tire pressure, supporting the tire’s shape, and preventing flats. This essential component is available in various sizes and valve types to accommodate different bicycle tire specifications. Key Features and Components: Material: Most bicycle tubes are made of high-quality rubber or a rubber blend, known for its flexibility, resilience, and resistance to punctures. Size: Bicycle tubes come in a range of sizes to match the different tire sizes found on bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. Sizes are typically indicated on the tube itself and correspond to the dimensions of the tire it is designed to fit. Valve Type: Bicycle tubes feature different valve types, with the two most common being Presta and Schrader valves. Presta valves are slender and have a lock nut, while Schrader valves are wider and resemble those found on car tires. The valve type must match the type of valve hole in the rim. Valve Length: The length of the valve varies, and it should be suitable for the depth of the rim. Longer valves are necessary for deep-section rims. Wall Thickness: Tubes may come in different wall thicknesses, with some designed for performance and weight savings, while others prioritize durability.

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