Heavy Duty Metal Air Pump Large Size 22 Inch Full Metal Hand Air Pump

449 EGP


About this item

  • Heavy Duty Metal Air Pump Large 22″ Full Metal Hand Air Pump
  • Operation mode: Manual
  • Material: Aluminum



  1. Heavy Duty Construction: The pump is made from sturdy metal materials, ensuring durability and resilience to withstand frequent use and handling.
  2. Large Size (22 Inch): This measurement typically refers to the length of the pump, indicating it is longer than standard pumps for more efficient pumping action and higher air volume per stroke.
  3. Hand Air Pump: It is operated manually by hand, requiring no external power source such as electricity or batteries. This makes it versatile and usable in various environments, including outdoor settings.
  4. Full Metal Design: The entire body and internal mechanism are constructed from metal, enhancing durability and reliability compared to pumps made from plastic or other materials.
  5. Usage: It is suitable for inflating a wide range of items, including but not limited to:
    • Sports balls (soccer balls, basketballs, etc.)
    • Inflatable toys and pools
    • Air mattresses and camping gear
    • Bicycle and car tires (depending on the valve compatibility)
  6. Features: Often includes ergonomic handles for comfortable grip, a pressure gauge (in some models) to monitor inflation levels, and various nozzle attachments to fit different valve types.
  7. Purpose: Ideal for both recreational and practical uses, such as sports activities, outdoor adventures, and emergency situations where quick inflation is needed.

Overall, a heavy-duty metal air pump of this nature is valued for its reliability, versatility, and durability, making it a practical tool for both personal and professional use where manual inflation is required.

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