Front and Rear Bike Brake Kit

299 EGP

  • Packed with features
  • Compact construction
  • Designed to perfection
  • Easy to clean and maintain



Front and Rear Brake Calipers: The kit will include brake calipers for both the front and rear wheels. These are the mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms that clamp down on the wheel rims (in the case of rim brakes) or rotors (in the case of disc brakes) to slow down or stop the bike.

Brake Levers: You’ll receive a pair of brake levers, one for the front brake and one for the rear brake. These levers are mounted on the handlebars and actuate the brake calipers when squeezed by the rider.

Brake Cables/Hoses: The kit will include brake cables (for mechanical brakes) or hydraulic hoses (for hydraulic brakes) to connect the brake levers to the brake calipers. These cables or hoses transmit the force from the brake lever to the caliper, activating the braking action.

Brake Pads: Brake pads are included for both the front and rear calipers. These pads press against the wheel rims or rotors to create friction, which slows down the bike. Depending on the type of brakes (rim brakes or disc brakes), the pads will vary in design.

Mounting Hardware: The kit will include all necessary mounting hardware, such as bolts, nuts, and washers, to securely attach the brake calipers and levers to the bike frame and handlebars.

Instructions: Many brake kits come with installation instructions or guides to help users properly install and adjust the brakes on their bicycles. These instructions are especially helpful for those who may be unfamiliar with bicycle maintenance.

Overall, a front and rear bike brake kit provides everything you need to install or upgrade the braking system on your bicycle, ensuring reliable and effective stopping power for safe riding.

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