Electric Horn – 8 Sound, 7 Flashing Light (XC-300)

159 EGP


About this item

  • Packed with features
  • Compact construction
  • Seamless functionality
  • Designed to perfection



It seems like you’re describing an electric horn with multiple sound options and flashing lights, specifically the XC-300 model. Electric horns are commonly used in vehicles, boats, and other applications where a loud, attention-grabbing sound is needed for safety or signaling purposes.

The XC-300 electric horn likely has eight different sound options, allowing you to choose the tone or pattern that best suits your needs. Additionally, it features seven flashing lights, which can be synchronized with the sound patterns for enhanced visibility and signaling.

Without more detailed information or a specific description, it’s challenging to provide a more in-depth description or “dascrib” of the XC-300 electric horn. However, it sounds like a versatile and feature-rich option for applications where both audible and visual signals are necessary.

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