Cycle Trike

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Cycle Trike” typically refers to a tricycle designed for cycling or biking. Unlike traditional bicycles, which have two wheels, tricycles (or “trikes”) have three wheels, providing additional stability and balance. Cycle trikes come in various designs and configurations, including models for adults and children.

Adult cycle trikes are often used for recreation, exercise, or transportation by individuals who may have difficulty balancing on a traditional bicycle or prefer the added stability of three wheels. These trikes may feature comfortable seating, cargo baskets or racks for carrying goods, and adjustable handlebars for different riding preferences.

Children’s cycle trikes are popular as starter bikes for young children who are learning to ride. These trikes typically have low-to-the-ground designs for easy mounting and dismounting, colorful designs to appeal to kids, and safety features such as handlebar grips and parental control handles.

Overall, cycle trikes offer a fun and practical alternative to traditional bicycles, providing stability and ease of use for riders of various ages and abilities.

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