Curric Buckm 3ton Heavy Load

899 EGP




  1. Car Jack or Lifting Equipment: “3 Ton” typically refers to the weight capacity of a lifting device, such as a car jack or hydraulic lift. These are used to lift heavy loads or vehicles, often in automotive repair or maintenance contexts.
  2. Industrial Load or Capacity: “Heavy Duty Load” might refer to industrial equipment capable of handling substantial weights or loads, such as industrial cranes, hoists, or hydraulic systems used in construction or manufacturing.
  3. Brand or Product Line: “Korrick Bug” could potentially be a specific brand or product line that offers heavy-duty equipment, although it’s not a widely recognized term in current mainstream industrial or automotive contexts.

If you have more specific details or context about what “Korrick Bug 3 Ton Heavy Duty Load” refers to, please provide additional information so I can assist you more accurately.

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