Copper Air Compressors & Tire Inflators Flaps

99 EGP

  • Brand: Other
  • Type: Air Compressors and Tire Inflators
  • Comes in safe and secure packaging
  • Material: Copper





  1. Flap valves: These are valves used in the compressor system to control the flow of air. They ensure that air flows in the desired direction during compression and release.
  2. Inflation flaps: These could refer to additional attachments or features on the tire inflator for ease of use or safety. For example, some tire inflators have built-in pressure gauges or LED indicators to monitor tire pressure accurately.
  3. Protective flaps: These might be protective covers or shields around certain components of the compressor or tire inflator to prevent damage or improve safety during operation.

Without more specific information about the product or context, it’s challenging to provide a detailed description. However, the combination of copper components in the air compressor system and the inclusion of “flaps” suggests a durable and potentially feature-rich product designed for efficient tire inflation.

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