car Tire Repair Kit – Studs

127 EGP





  1. Tire repair tools: This includes items like a tire plugger or patch kit, tire reamer, insertion tool, and rubber cement or adhesive for sealing punctures.
  2. Studs: These are small metal spikes or screws that can be inserted into the tire tread to enhance traction on icy or snowy roads. They’re often made of hardened steel and have a pointed tip for easy installation.
  3. Installation tools: You may also find tools for installing the studs into the tire, such as a stud insertion tool or a specialized drill bit for creating holes in the tire tread.
  4. Instructions: A detailed instruction manual or guide on how to use the kit safely and effectively.

This type of tire repair kit is especially useful for drivers in snowy or icy climates where traction can be compromised. The studs provide additional grip on slippery surfaces, improving vehicle control and safety. However, it’s important to check local regulations regarding the use of tire studs, as they may be restricted or prohibited in some areas.

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