Car Accident Identifier – Paint Thickness Gauge (ALT TOP)

494 EGP


Magnetic Tester with the memory of the last measure, the piston stops at the last measurement which makes it easier to determine the type of the lacquer repair. This meter doe not require any power supply. It is small, handy and have many years of failure-free use. This is a tester which is used to detect layers of lacquer on automotive vehicles, which are invisible to the naked eye. Check if a car has been involved in an accident and if the lacquer is original. It is much easier to negotiate a better price when we can state that the vehicle has hidden body defects. The purchase price of the TESTER can be repaid with the first purchase of a used car. The tester has a shape of a small pen (10 mm of thickness, 100 mm of length). It is made of aluminum alloys and other high quality of materials resistant to normal mechanical factors, weather conditions and oil-derivative products.

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