Broad Root Brass Truck Tire Valve Stem for V3.20.5 9.7mm Aluminum Wheel Rims (1pc)

90 EGP


About this item

  • Broad Root Brass Truck Tire Valve Stem for V3.20.5 9.7mm Aluminum Wheel Rims (1pc)
  • Compatible with vehicle type: Truck
  • Compatible with vehicle type: Truck




A “Wheel Valve Stem” for an “Earthmover Tyre” is a component designed to provide a stable and leak-proof connection for inflating and deflating tires on heavy equipment such as bulldozers and loaders. The specifications you mentioned, including a length of 60 to 80mm, a 45-degree angle, and being made of copper, suggest a specific type of valve stem commonly used in the earthmoving industry. Here’s a description based on these specifications: The Wheel Valve Stem designed for Earthmover Tyres is a critical component that ensures reliable tire pressure control for heavy-duty equipment like bulldozers and loaders. With a length ranging from 60 to 80mm, this valve stem is engineered to accommodate the specific requirements of earthmover tires, providing optimal performance in challenging terrains. Key Features: Stable Performance: The valve stem is designed for stable and consistent performance, even in rugged and demanding operating conditions. This stability is crucial for maintaining proper tire pressure, which is essential for the overall performance and longevity of the tires. Leak-Proof Design: The valve stem features a leak-proof design to prevent air from escaping, ensuring that the tire remains properly inflated. This is particularly important for heavy equipment operating in construction, mining, or other harsh environments. Copper Construction: The valve stem is made of copper, a durable and corrosion-resistant material. Copper construction enhances the longevity of the valve stem, even in environments where exposure to elements or chemicals could pose a risk to other materials. 45-Degree Angle: The 45-degree angle of the valve stem is a specific configuration that facilitates easy access for inflation and pressure checking. This angled design is practical for applications where space constraints or the positioning of the tire valve opening may require a specific angle for convenient access. Versatile Application: This Wheel Valve Stem is suitable for use in various earthmoving equipment, including bulldozers and loaders. Its design and specifications make it a reliable choice for heavy machinery operating in diverse environments. Users should follow manufacturer recommendations for installation, maintenance, and replacement intervals to ensure the continued reliability and safety of the Wheel Valve Stem in earthmover applications.

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