Black Stone pendulum used in magnetic hypnosis

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  • Black Stone pendulum used in magnetic hypnosis
  • Material: Necklace and Bracelet Made of White Stone




  1. Material: The pendulum is typically made from a black stone, such as black obsidian, black onyx, or black tourmaline. These stones are chosen for their energetic properties and symbolism in various spiritual and healing traditions.
  2. Design: It consists of a small, typically teardrop-shaped stone attached to a chain or string. The stone is smooth and polished for comfortable handling and effective swinging.
  3. Purpose in Magnetic Hypnosis: In the context of magnetic hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the pendulum is used as a focus tool. Practitioners may hold the pendulum and use its movements to induce a relaxed state in clients, facilitate deeper focus, or aid in accessing subconscious information.
  4. Symbolism and Energy: Black stones are often associated with grounding, protection, and absorbing negative energy. In hypnosis and similar practices, the color black and the stone’s energy are believed to enhance the process of trance induction and the therapeutic effects of the session.
  5. Technique: During a session, the practitioner may use the pendulum’s movements (such as circular or back-and-forth swings) to gauge responses from the client’s subconscious mind or to guide visualization exercises. The pendulum’s motion can be influenced consciously or through subtle energy interactions.
  6. Cleansing and Maintenance: Like other energy tools, the black stone pendulum may require periodic cleansing and re-energizing to maintain its effectiveness. This can be done through methods such as rinsing in water, exposure to sunlight or moonlight, or using cleansing herbs like sage.

Overall, a black stone pendulum used in magnetic hypnosis serves as both a practical tool and a symbolic object in therapeutic settings, helping to facilitate mental focus, relaxation, and the exploration of subconscious thoughts and emotions during hypnotherapy sessions.

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