Black rosary with 99 beads made of gemstones with pendants.

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About this item

  • black rosary with 99 beads made of gemstones with pendants.
  • Material: Pearl




    • Gemstones: The beads are crafted from genuine gemstones, which can vary widely in type. Common choices include black onyx, obsidian, hematite, or other black stones known for their deep color and natural beauty. Gemstones are chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their spiritual or symbolic significance.
  1. Number of Beads:
    • 99 Beads: This specific count is typical in some Muslim prayer beads (tasbih) or Islamic rosaries (misbaha), where each bead is used to count repetitions of prayers or recitations of divine names or attributes.
  2. Color and Design:
    • Black Rosary: The color black is often associated with elegance, solemnity, and reverence in religious contexts. It can symbolize humility and the acknowledgment of the divine presence.
  3. Pendants:
    • Decorative Pendants: These may include a central pendant (often larger and more ornate) and possibly smaller pendants or charms attached at intervals along the rosary. Pendants can feature religious symbols, inscriptions, or designs that hold spiritual significance.
  4. Structure and Construction:
    • Stringing: The beads are typically strung together on a durable cord or chain, ensuring strength and longevity.
    • Clasp or Tassel: At the end of the rosary, there might be a clasp for closure or a decorative tassel, which can serve as a tactile and visual focal point during prayer or meditation.
  5. Symbolism and Use:
    • Spiritual Practice: The rosary is used for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Each bead represents a prayer or a specific reflection, guiding the practitioner through a sequence of spiritual exercises.
    • Gift and Personal Use: It serves as a thoughtful gift for individuals who value spiritual devotion or seek a tangible reminder of their faith.
  6. Care and Maintenance:
    • Handling: Handle with care to avoid damage to the gemstones or pendants.
    • Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to gently clean the beads and pendants, avoiding harsh chemicals that could affect the gemstones’ appearance.

A black rosary with 99 gemstone beads and pendants is not only a religious artifact but also a piece of craftsmanship and spiritual significance, embodying devotion, reflection, and reverence in its design and use.

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