Black rosary of 99 beads with a silver pendant

179 EGP

  • Black rosary of 99 beads with a silver pendant
  • Material: lac
  • Metal type: Silver




A black rosary with 99 beads typically signifies its use in Islamic prayer, known as a Tasbih or Misbaha. The 99 beads correspond to the 99 names or attributes of Allah in Islamic tradition. These rosaries are often used by Muslims during dhikr (remembrance of Allah) or for counting prayers.

The addition of a silver pendant adds a decorative element to the rosary. Pendants can vary in design and may depict religious symbols, calligraphy, or geometric patterns that hold significance in Islamic culture.

Overall, a black rosary with 99 beads and a silver pendant serves both a practical and spiritual purpose, providing a tactile aid for prayer and serving as a symbol of faith and devotion.

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