Bike’s Bottle Holder, Black

39 EGP


About this item

  • Brand: Other
  • Type: Bikes Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Bike Brake Type: Unavailable
  • Frame Material Type: Plastic
  • Product Weight: 15 gm
  • Wheel Size: Unavailable
  • Number Of Wheels: Unavailable




  1. Functionality: It provides a convenient way for cyclists to carry hydration or refreshment during rides, ensuring easy access to drinks without having to stop.
  2. Installation: Bottle holders usually attach to the bike frame using bolts or straps, positioned within easy reach of the rider.
  3. Material: Common materials include lightweight aluminum alloy or plastic, chosen for their strength and resistance to weather and vibrations.
  4. Design: The black color enhances the bike’s aesthetics, blending well with various bicycle frames and overall design themes.
  5. Compatibility: Bottle holders are designed to fit most standard-sized water bottles, providing a snug and secure fit to prevent bottles from rattling or falling out during rides.
  6. Practicality: They are essential for cyclists, whether commuting, touring, or cycling for fitness, ensuring proper hydration on the go.

In summary, a black bike’s bottle holder is a practical and functional accessory for cyclists, offering convenience, durability, and a stylish addition to the bike’s setup.

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