Besu Hook Machine 1Pcs 5m Set

299 EGP




  1. Besu Hook Machine: The term “Besu Hook Machine” could refer to a specific brand or type of product, potentially related to sewing, crafting, or household organization. It might be a machine or tool designed for creating or attaching hooks to various materials.
  2. 1Pcs: This indicates that the product consists of one piece or unit. It’s common to see “1Pcs” abbreviated as “1 piece,” meaning there’s only one item included in the package.
  3. 5m Seda: The term “5m Seda” could refer to a specific type of material or accessory included with the product. “5m” likely stands for 5 meters, indicating the length of the material. “Seda” could be a brand name or a descriptor of the material itself, such as fabric, ribbon, thread, or cord.

Without additional information about the specific product or its intended use, it’s challenging to provide a more detailed description. If you have more context or details about the product, feel free to provide them, and I can offer a more accurate description or assistance.

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