Besu 5pcs Hifo Slipper Machine Set with 1 Machine 2.5m Hook 4m Rubber Cord

399 EGP




The Besu 5pcs Hifo Slipper Machine Set includes several components designed for making slippers. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  1. Machine: The set comes with one slipper machine. This machine is likely used for manufacturing slippers, possibly featuring mechanisms for cutting, shaping, and assembling slipper components.
  2. Hook: The set includes a 2.5-meter hook. This hook is likely used in conjunction with the slipper machine for hanging or organizing materials used in slipper production.
  3. Rubber Cord: Four meters of rubber cord are provided in the set. Rubber cord is a flexible and durable material commonly used in slipper manufacturing for creating straps or securing slipper components together.

Overall, the Besu 5pcs Hifo Slipper Machine Set offers essential tools and materials necessary for producing slippers, providing convenience and efficiency for slipper makers or manufacturers.

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