Besso Multi 18 Piece 3S EMPTOGRAPHIC Screwdriver Set

299 EGP


About this item

  • Number of items: 6
  • Included components: Handlebar Hexagonal
  • Head Style: Hex




Besoo 18-Piece Multi 3 Pin Hex Electronic Magnetic Screwdriver Set is a tool set containing different sizes and shapes magnetic screwdrivers. These tools are specifically designed for use in electronic and electrical work and include a variety of different heads and handles to suit a variety of purposes. Pieces in the set may include wrenches, screw heads, and other auxiliary tools such as clamps and rubber The magnetized design of these tools enables secure fastening of screws and bolts and facilitates the work process on electronic and electrical appliances in general. This set is suitable for technicians and hobbyists alike and can be used for daily work and repairing electronic and electrical appliances.

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