Beso Set 5m On Est& Machine 1 Piece Slipper Machine Set

259 EGP


About this item

  • Compatible with vehicle type: Passenger Car
  • Number of pieces: 1




logistics applications. A typical Prachet fastening strap consists of the following components: webb: this is the durable woven material that makes up the strap itself. They are usually made of materials such as polyester or nylon, which provide strength and stretch resistance. Brachette mechanism: this is the main characteristic of the belt. Brachet mechanism includes handle, spindle and release handle. This mechanism allows you to tighten the belt and lock it in place. HOOKS OR CLIPS:At each end of the belt, there are hooks or clips that are used to secure the belt at anchor points or attachment points on the cargo or transport. Here’s how it’s usually used: wrap the webbing around the load to be installed. Attach hooks or clips to mounting points, such as railings, D-rings, or mounting points on the vehicle. Use the brachet handle to tighten the belt by turning it. This mechanism provides a mechanical advantage to apply tension to the belt. Once desired tension is achieved, turn on the locking mechanism of the brachet to keep the belt in place. Prachet retaining belt is known for its ease of use, reliability and ability to apply great tension to secure the cargo, making it a popular choice in the transportation and logistics industry to prevent loading slipping or moving during transportation.

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