Barcode Roll Thermal Sticker, Full 100 Number 4 Rollers

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About this item

  • Brand: Barcode Type: Thermal Printing Paper The fact that is easy to maintain makes it a great pick. Furthermore, it is also made of premium-quality material.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Assures long lasting durability
  • Comes in a good packaging




  1. Barcode Roll: The stickers are rolled for easy dispensing and usage with barcode printers. They are typically used in retail, logistics, inventory management, and other industries requiring barcode labeling.
  2. Thermal Sticker: These stickers are thermal, meaning they react to heat during printing without the need for ink or toner. Thermal printing is efficient and produces high-quality, durable labels.
  3. Full 100 Numbers: This likely refers to the quantity per roll, with each roll containing approximately 100 stickers. This quantity ensures a sufficient supply for labeling purposes, reducing the frequency of roll changes.
  4. 4 Rolls: The product includes four rolls of barcode thermal stickers, providing a total of 400 stickers (100 stickers per roll).
  5. Usage: Suitable for printing and applying barcodes to products, packages, shelves, and more, facilitating efficient tracking and management of inventory.
  6. Versatility: Compatible with various barcode printers that support thermal printing, ensuring compatibility with different labeling systems.

In summary, barcode roll thermal stickers are essential for businesses needing reliable and efficient barcode labeling solutions, offering ease of use and high-quality printing capabilities for effective inventory and asset management.

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