Avis Gas Hose, 0.5 4 Count

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The phrase “Avis Gas Hose, 0.5 4 Count” appears to describe a product related to gas hoses, typically used for connecting gas appliances or equipment. Here’s an interpretation of what this might refer to:

  1. Brand: “Avis” is likely the brand name of the gas hose.
  2. Gas Hose: This indicates that the product is a hose designed specifically for transporting gas, often made of flexible materials such as rubber or PVC and reinforced with fibers or metal for durability and safety.
  3. 0.5: This could refer to the diameter or size of the hose, possibly indicating it has a half-inch inner diameter (ID) or another relevant measurement.
  4. 4 Count: This suggests that the product is sold in a pack containing four units of the gas hose.

Therefore, “Avis Gas Hose, 0.5 4 Count” likely denotes a pack of four gas hoses manufactured by the brand Avis, each hose having a diameter of 0.5 inches or a similar dimension. These hoses are commonly used in various applications where gas needs to be transported safely and efficiently, such as in residential or commercial settings for connecting gas stoves, heaters, or other appliances to their gas supply.

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