Alligator’s New Valve Cuts Pressure Check Times By 65%, 4 Pieces

99 EGP


About this item

  • Designed to perfection
  • Comes in a good packaging
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made using premium quality materials




Valve specialist Alligator has released a new valve cap that does not have to be unscrewed to check air pressure or refill tires. The DS-P is similar to the well-known V2B check valve cap but is made of plastic and therefore has a reduced weight. Alligator vice president of development and sales Renato Palaoro told Traction News: This is a flow-through valve cap, so you’re able to install it on nearly all valves because it’s very light. You’re able to assemble it also on the TPMS valves, because you have no corrosion. We sell five to eight million of the V2B in the U. S. each year and this is nearly the same principle, but this is really a long-life cap. From a functional standpoint it is the same but you can put it on more kinds of cars and trucks. This is a great solution for situations where you have to check the tire pressure daily or weekly, because this cap saves a lot of time.

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