Alabaster Pearl Beads Rosary 33 Beads

85 EGP

  • 33 Pearl Bead Rosary with Alabaster
  • Material: Pearl
  • Target gender: female




This rosary features 33 beads made from alabaster pearl, a material known for its smooth texture and pearlescent appearance. Each bead is carefully crafted to ensure uniformity and durability, providing a comfortable feel during use.


  • Material: Alabaster pearl beads, which mimic the look of natural pearls with a glossy finish.
  • Design: Structured in a circular arrangement with 33 beads, typically divided into groups for specific prayers or meditations.
  • Symbolism: Each bead represents a prayer or meditation, commonly used in various religious practices for spiritual contemplation.
  • Cross or Pendant: Includes a cross or a religious pendant as a focal point, often made from metal or another material, symbolizing faith and devotion.
  • Usage: Suitable for personal prayer, meditation, or as a religious gift symbolizing faith and spirituality.


  • Prayer Aid: Used as a tool for counting prayers or meditative recitations, fostering a deeper connection with one’s faith.
  • Symbolic Value: Represents devotion, humility, and spiritual reflection, serving as a tangible reminder of religious beliefs.
  • Gift Idea: Ideal for religious occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, or as a thoughtful gift to express faith and blessings.


  • Personal Use: Can be used privately or as part of communal worship, offering solace and guidance in spiritual practice.
  • Decoration: Doubles as a decorative accessory, enhancing personal or sacred spaces with its elegant and serene appearance.

An Alabaster Pearl Beads Rosary with 33 beads combines aesthetic beauty with spiritual significance, providing a meaningful tool for prayer and reflection in various religious traditions.

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