A black rosary of 33 beads, with a silver religious pendant

99 EGP


About this item

  • Comes with good packaging
  • Enjoy an elegant and distinctive look
  • Material: lac
  • Metal type: Silver




The black rosary you described features 33 beads and is adorned with a silver religious pendant. Rosaries are traditional prayer beads used in various religious practices, particularly in the Catholic faith, for reciting prayers and meditations.

Here’s a description of the components:

  1. Beads: The rosary consists of 33 beads, typically arranged in a circular or linear pattern. Each bead represents a specific prayer or meditation, such as the “Hail Mary” or the “Our Father.”
  2. Color: The beads are black, which is a common color choice for rosaries. Black symbolizes humility, penance, and reverence in many religious traditions.
  3. Pendant: Attached to the rosary is a silver religious pendant. This pendant often features an image or symbol significant to the wearer’s faith, such as a crucifix, a depiction of a saint, or another religious icon.
  4. Silver: The pendant is made of silver, a metal valued for its luster and durability. Silver is often used in religious jewelry due to its symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, this black rosary with a silver religious pendant serves as a sacred and meaningful tool for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

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