4 Piece Sliders Set

175 EGP





  1. Quantity: The set includes four individual sliders, each with a smooth, flat surface that allows furniture to glide across floors with minimal effort.
  2. Materials: Furniture sliders are commonly made from durable materials such as plastic or rubber. These materials are often chosen for their ability to withstand the weight of heavy furniture and provide a smooth surface for easy movement.
  3. Design: Sliders are typically designed to fit under the legs or corners of furniture pieces, such as couches, tables, chairs, and cabinets. They may feature a round or square shape, depending on the furniture’s leg design.
  4. Usage: To use the sliders, simply place them under the legs or corners of the furniture you wish to move. Once in place, you can easily slide the furniture across the floor without lifting or dragging, reducing strain on your back and preventing damage to flooring surfaces.
  5. Floor Protection: The smooth surface of the sliders helps to protect hardwood, laminate, tile, and other types of flooring from scratches, scuffs, and dents that can occur when furniture is moved.
  6. Versatility: Sliders are suitable for use on a variety of indoor surfaces, including hardwood, carpet, tile, and linoleum. They can be used during home renovations, furniture rearrangements, or when moving furniture into or out of a room.

Overall, a 4 Piece Sliders Set is a practical and convenient solution for anyone looking to make furniture moving tasks easier and protect their floors from damage.

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