33 Beads Rosary Beads Handmade Faux Pearl Crystal Dividers

125 EGP

  • Beads Rosary of 33 Beads, Handmade with Faux Pearl Crystal Dividers
  • Metal type: copper stainless_steel white_gold
  • Material: Crystal
  • Target gender: female





  1. 33 Beads: This rosary consists of 33 beads, typically made from faux pearls or crystals. The number 33 holds significance in various religious traditions and may represent the number of years in the earthly life of Jesus Christ or other symbolic meanings.
  2. Handmade: The rosary beads are crafted by hand, indicating attention to detail and unique craftsmanship. Handmade rosaries often carry a sense of authenticity and personal touch.
  3. Faux Pearl and Crystal Dividers: Between the larger beads, there are dividers made of faux pearls and crystals, adding beauty and elegance to the design. These dividers serve as markers for prayers and help the user keep track of their progress during recitation.
  4. Religious Symbolism: The rosary is a symbol of faith and devotion in many Christian denominations, particularly within the Catholic tradition. It is used for prayers such as the “Hail Mary” and the “Our Father” and is often associated with meditation on the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
  5. Prayer Aid: The rosary beads serve as a tactile and visual aid to prayer, helping individuals to focus their thoughts and intentions while reciting prayers and meditating on spiritual themes.
  6. Versatile Use: While traditionally associated with Christianity, rosary beads are also used in other religious and spiritual traditions around the world. They can be personalized and adapted to suit individual beliefs and practices.

Overall, a 33 Beads Rosary Beads Handmade Faux Pearl Crystal Dividers is a meaningful and beautiful religious accessory, offering a tangible way to engage in prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

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