33-Bead Tasbih Made From Natural Hematite 8mm Round Beads with Place Marker Prayer Beads Zikr Beads Muslim Rosary (White)

120 EGP

  • 33-Bead Tasbih
  • Batteries required: False




A 33-bead tasbih made from natural hematite features 8mm round beads with a place marker for prayer beads, also known as zikr beads or a Muslim rosary. Hematite is a mineral known for its metallic luster and is often used in jewelry and decorative items. In this case, the beads are likely polished for a smooth texture and enhanced appearance.

The tasbih typically consists of 33 beads, which correspond to the repetition of certain phrases or prayers in Islamic traditions. These beads are used by Muslims during various forms of devotional practices, including dhikr (remembrance of God), meditation, and recitation of specific prayers.

The inclusion of a place marker, often in the form of a different colored bead or tassel, helps the user keep track of the number of repetitions completed without the need for counting.

The white color mentioned likely refers to the color of the beads, providing an elegant and neutral aesthetic. Overall, this tasbih serves as a practical and meaningful tool for spiritual reflection and devotion in Islamic practices.

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